About me

My name is Guillaume Clochard. I am 22 years old and I live in Nantes, France.

I am a Computer science student at Polytech Nantes, the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Nantes. I'm also a web developer.

I work mainly with NodeJS, Javascript frameworks, HTML5 and PHP to build websites and web applications. I love working in teams and learning new things on the go. A few years ago, I've launched foglo.

I have learned these skills on my own and at school. I try to learn constantly and I often push new projects on my github.

Just take a look at my Projects. This is where you could find the history of all my projects so far, big or small.

Coding Skills

  • HTML5 Logo Badge

    HTML / CSS

  • NodeJS

  • JS frameworks

  • PHP

And also :

JAVA, C++/C, R, Docker, Git, SASS, Grunt, Go, Python, Arduino, RaspberryPi, Android, Karotz, Vim ...

See my CV/Resume

Some of my last projects

Mar 2017

School project - Hyblab Parrains 2017

Mar 2017 | More

In the context of presidential elections in France, I was the team leader of a 4-days datavisualization project involving design students, IT students and a journalist from Ouest France, a major french local newspaper. We worked on the sponsors of candidates and won the first prize of the contest.
The project has also been selected for the DataJournalism Awards 2017.

Project leader Javascript Dataviz WebGL Design Journalism

Jan 2017

School project - Prolog time table

Jan 2017

IA project at Polytech Nantes : schedule a time table in Prolog. The code on Github

Prolog IA Unit testing Project management

Dec 2016

School project - Google Hashcode 2016

Dec 2016

For the C++ course at Polytech Nantes, students had to work in teams of 5 to resolve the Google Hashcode 2016 final round. As the team leader I had to manage the work of each and deal with events in this very busy moment of the year (we were finally only 3 in the team). As a developer, I was in charge of implementing algorithms we want to test. The code is on Github

C++ Google Hashcode Project management