About me

My name is Guillaume Clochard. I am 22 years old and I live in Nantes, France.

I am a Computer science student at Polytech Nantes, the Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Nantes. I'm also a web developer.

I work mainly with NodeJS, Javascript frameworks, HTML5 and PHP to build websites and web applications. I love working in teams and learning new things on the go. A few years ago, I've launched foglo.

I have learned these skills on my own and at school. I try to learn constantly and I often push new projects on my github.

Just take a look at my Projects. This is where you could find the history of all my projects so far, big or small.

Coding Skills

  • HTML5 Logo Badge

    HTML / CSS

  • NodeJS

  • JS frameworks

  • PHP

And also :

JAVA, C++/C, R, Docker, Git, SASS, Grunt, Go, Python, Arduino, RaspberryPi, Android, Karotz, Vim ...

See my CV/Resume

Some of my last projects

Sep 2017

Trello conference

Sep 2017

Asked to make a conference / tutorial for journalists about the use of Trello to manage a project during the Medialab SpeedTraining day organised by OuestMediaLab, in Nantes.

Trello Conference

Sep 2017


Sep 2017

For my last year at school, I've chosen to follow a second degree, called DU DESSiiN along with a design student. We have one semester to build a connected object. The goal is to have a startup-like project ready to be incubated somewhere after 6 months.

Design Entrepreneurship IoT

Sep 2017

Freelance - Stuart

Sep 2017

Stuart hires me as a freelance after my internship to quickly build a webhook simulator web application for one of their clients.

React Javascript NodeJS