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cmd - one post with the ~10 latest discovery every Friday.

Prun - local radio station in Nantes, France.


  • Feb 2023 ISS Once a month, a 2 hours radio program on Ambient music on Prun. Music - Radio
  • Jun 2022 L'histoire avec un grand i Once a week, a short program radio about history on Prun. But everything is improvised. Radio
  • Oct 2021 Tumulte Every Tuesday morning on Prun, a local radio station in Nantes, a one hour (8am-9am) music radio program called Tumulte! Music - Radio
  • Jun 2021 cerfeuil et musique douce Started a music blog called cerfeuil et musique douce aka cmd: Every week I share ~10 music tracks with a little bit of text for each (in french). Code on Github. Next.js - Music
  • Apr 2021 Alexandre's website Worked on design and code for, a Next.js website for Alexandre, a young woodworker who also happens to be my brother :) Next.js
  • Jul 2020 iAdvize open-source experimental store library Open-source @iadvize-oss/store: Javascript - open-source
  • Jun 2020 iAdvize open-source opaque-union javascript library Open-source @iadvize-oss/opaque-union: Javascript - open-source
  • Feb 2020 iAdvize open-source eslint configurations Open-source the iAdvize eslint universal configurations (typescript, react, prettier): Javascript - open-source
  • Dec 2019 iAdvize open-source foldabe-helper javascript library Open-source @iadvize-oss/foldable-helpers: Javascript - open-source
  • Mar 2019 iAdvize open-source opaque type javascript library Open-source @iadvize-oss/opaque-type: Javascript - open-source
  • Mar 2018 ReactNantes Meetup Started the React Nantes Meetup in Nantes with some iAdvize colleagues. React - Meetup
  • Mar 2018 Web Developer intern - iAdvize 5 months final internship at iAdvize, in Nantes, a conversaionnal marketing platform (200+ pers.). Worked mainly with NodeJS, React, Redux in a fully integrated environment (Git, QA, CI/CD, etc.). React - Javascript - Agile
  • Sep 2017 Trello conference Asked to make a conference / tutorial for journalists about the use of Trello to manage a project during the Medialab SpeedTraining day organised by OuestMediaLab, in Nantes. Trello - Conference
  • Sep 2017 DU DESSiiN For my last year at school, I've chosen to follow a second degree, called DU DESSiiN along with a design student. We had a semester to build a connected object/service. The goal was to have a startup-like project ready to be incubated somewhere after 6 months. We worked on the problems linked with remote working and managed to propose a service called nomad. that workers use to stay aware of the activity of their colleagues. Diploma received in February 2018. Design - Entrepreneurship - IoT - microservices - RabbitMQ
  • Sep 2017 Freelance - Stuart Stuart hires me as a freelance after my internship to quickly build a webhook simulator web application for one of their clients. React - Javascript - NodeJS
  • Aug 2017 Web Developer intern - Stuart Barcelona 3 months internship at Stuart, in Barcelona, a big last-mile delivery startup (150+ pers.). Worked mainly with NodeJS, React, Redux in a fully integrated environment (remote team, Git, QA, CI/CD, etc.). React - NodeJS - Javascript - Agile
  • Mar 2017 School project - Hyblab Parrains 2017 In the context of presidential elections in France, I was the team leader of a 4-days datavisualization project involving design students, IT students and a journalist from Ouest France, a major french local newspaper. We worked on the sponsors of candidates and won the first prize of the contest.
    The project has also been selected for the DataJournalism Awards 2017. Project leader - Javascript - Dataviz - WebGL - Design - Journalism
  • Oct 2016 IdéSYS Member of the Junior Entreprise of Polytech Nantes, as an IT consultant and architect. When needed, I also work as a fullstack web developer. Consultant - Architect - Fullstack - Junior Entreprise
  • Sep 2016 Lekte - 1st price at SWNA Participated in the Startup Weekend 2016 of Nantes with the project Lekte. 1st prize + public prize ! HTML/CSS - JS - Startup
  • Aug 2016 Web Developer intern - Lengow 3 months internship at Lengow, a huge startup located in Nantes and Paris (160 pers.). Worked mainly with Symfony and Javascript.
    I have also been asked to make a presentation about ES6, React et Redux (1h30) for the teams. It's on Github : prez-js-lengow Symfony - React
  • Jul 2016 robotWhoQuotes @robotWhoQuotes is a Twitter bot that send one quote a day.
    It's on Github : robotWhoQuotes. NodeJS - Google API - Twitter API - AI
  • Jul 2016 dokku Small contribution for the dokku project. Pull request sur Github. sh
  • Jul 2016 Pluie dans l'heure NodeJS library that extract the "Will it rain within one hour?" data from Météo France.
    It's on Github : pluie-dans-l-heure. NodeJS
  • Jul 2016 Hubot & Wit helper NodeJS library that helps developers build bots with both and Hubot.
    Project on Github : hubot-wit-helper. NodeJS - AI - Bot
  • Jul 2016 SSH Slack Bot Built a Slack bot that execute commands with SSH.
    On Github : ssh-slack-bot. NodeJS - Slack
  • Apr 2016 Knut shell In a team of 4, I have developed a small shell in C for a course project at Polytech Nantes. The code is on Github. C - Polytech - Project management
  • Jan 2016 Autoradio Arduino Designed a custom car radio with Arduino. Radios, favorites, lcd screen, steering wheel controls. Project on Github : Autoradio. Arduino - 3D
  • Jan 2016 3D Printer Playing with a new 3D printer at home (Discovery200 de Dagoma) and OctoPrint to control it from the network. Arduino - Raspberry
  • Jan 2016 Clio steering wheel Arduino library listening to commands from the remote control of the steering wheel of a Renault Clio 2.
    Project on Github : clioSteeringWheelCmd. Arduino
  • Dec 2015 Rubik's Cube solver In a team of 6, I've built a Rubik's cube solver in Python in the course "Algorithmique et Programmation" at Polytech Nantes.
    The code is on the Github of the team. Python - Polytech - Project management
  • Sep 2015 Panorame - Des selfies d'envergure During 6 month I've been involed in the Panorame/Wisp project as the "tech guy". With 3 others, we were working on creating public camera that could be control by anyone with an mobile app. The project was tested in the Startup Weekend of Nantes. Funny story : a few months after we shut down the project, a Belgian launched a similar idea, with the same name! NodeJS - AngularJS - Ionic - Docker - ELK - RaspberryPI
  • Jun 2015 Web Developer - Keople 3 months contract (CDD) iat Keople a startup of 4 people, in Nantes. Built new parts of the web application (NodeJS, AngularJS). MEAN.js - NodeJS - AngularJS
  • Feb 2015 Console.go Developed a logging package for GoLang as an pretext to learn the language. The code is on Github. Go
  • Dec 2014 Scribe.js Contributor on the opensource project Scribe.js. Developer and maintainer of the second version of the project, based on AngularJS. NodeJS - AngularJS
  • Dec 2014 PolySlug Built a Python game in team, à la Metalslug, at Polytech Nantes. Code on Github. Python - Project management - Polytech
  • Jun 2014 Plugin Cordova - AlarmPlugin Cordova plugin getting the next alarm set on the phone. Project sur Github : Cordova AlarmPlugin. Java - Javascript
  • Jun 2014 Web developer intern - Zenbus 2 months internship at Zenbus, a startup located in Nantes and Paris (10 pers.). Worked mainly with legacy Javascript and Bootstrap on hybrid mobile applications. Symfony - React
  • Mar 2014 Module NodeJS - OpenKarotz NodeJS package controlling a Karotz with OpenKarotz. Project on Github : Openkarotz NodeJS. NodeJS
  • Jan 2014 Arbres et Jardins Wordpress development for a gardener Website - Wuip's - Wordpress
  • Aug 2013 Module NodeJS - Karotz Creation of a NodeJS package controlling a Karotz with a REST API. Project on Github : Karotz NodeJS. NodeJS
  • Aug 2013 Wuip's Created a Wordpress website for the informal web agency we formed with Martin Bonnier (design). Wordpress - Javascript - Wuip's
  • Jul 2013 Deezer server NodeJS project where many people can control the music played on Deezer. Project on Github : Deezer Server. NodeJS
  • Jul 2013 Module NodeJS - Freebox Created a NodeJS package to control the Freebox Révolution. The project on Github : FreeboxOS Api module. NodeJS
  • May 2013 Olympiades des Sciences de l'ingénieur I've participated in team in the Olympiades de Sciences de l'Ingénieur (a French contest for high school students in engineering) for the Nantes region, first, then at Paris for the final contest. Our project was the design of a inertial navigation unit with an Arduino. Here's the code : sur Github. Arduino
  • May 2013 NotifBus For a final project in high school, I've created Notifbus. With some functionalities from foglo, I've added notifications for your daily public transport in Nantes. On Github : Notifbus. CakePHP - foglo
  • Mar 2013 Sport Nautique de L'Ouest Developed a Wordpress website for the SNO, sailing club in Nantes. Wordpress - Wuip's
  • Jun 2012 foglo Launched the web application foglo.
    Using the opendata, this tool was a dashboard grouping different data in real time, for the people of Nantes, France. The project won the Student prize of the Opendata Contest of the city of Nantes. Web app - Javascript - CakePHP
  • Jan 2012 Created websites for my High School classes Created websites for my High School classes (publish courses content, forum, news, etc.) Wordpress